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Windice is a cryptocurrency-based gaming platform that combines traditional casino games and unique Bitcoin entertainment. Here players have an opportunity to play with all popular cryptocurrencies and can take advantage of almost instant payouts.

Paradice is a very young crypto gambling site featuring their own, in-house made provably fair games. They offer daily free faucets in different cryptocurrencies and unlimited withdrawals, the first faucet awaits you upon registering.

Play Bitcoin Mini Games

Traditional games are centralised, which means all items and experience (XP) gained while playing cannot be used in other games. Bitcoin gaming changes this by introducing blockchain technology. Players can now use their rewards and items across different crypto gaming projects.

Earning money from gaming also entices players. Certain games have been criticised before for having a pay-to-play model, in which players have to invest money to get the best out of a game. Before crypto gaming, investing money would only improve your experience, such as being able to level up faster. Crypto gaming does the opposite: the play-to-earn model now allows people to make profits from their investment through crypto gaming coins. For some players in the Philippines, this has even enabled them to earn an income.

Pros of Bitcoin games

Financial privacy no KYC for some of these sites and minimal KYC for others, low fees bitcoin helps save on fees. Fast payouts, bitcoin payments are often faster than fiat payments and bigger bonuses, this is thanks to low fees and a higher speed of Bitcoin payments.

The decentralized gaming space is emerging as one of the most popular ways to leverage blockchain technology. In the simplest of terms, crypto games present you with innovative ways to generate token rewards.

On top of this, some of the best crypto games also support in-built staking and yield farming facilities, allowing you to boost your returns even further. Once you get a grasp of how crypto games work, you can start looking for titles that appeal to you. There are virtually hundreds of play to earn games out there.

Fair and Transparent Outcomes

Conventional games are typically created by centralized establishments and as such, there is no way to know whether the outcomes are tampered with or not.

On the other hand, the best crypto games are created on blockchain technology and are completely transparent. This is because smart contracts are immutable, which ensures that the game outcomes are truly random.

Nonetheless, it is safe to say that play to earn crypto games are here to stay, presenting investors with an interesting opportunity to generate passive income.

Finding the best Bitcoin gambling sites and trustworthy bitcoin games is not easy. Only a few of the numerous platforms that provide crypto slots and bets are worth your time. You should read through all of the reviews and choose one of the platforms from this list. Each site offers a diverse range of sportsbooks and current gambling options.

General Questions
How do I make sure the casino is a trusted one?
Our suggested online games have been checked out and are all well-known. However, looking up a game history online is a good habit to develop. You can also look at website reviews to see what other people think about it. Check the Bitcoin gambling section of the Reddit message board to see if anyone else has any first-hand knowledge of the casino you are thinking about joining. When you have multiple user perspectives to draw on, decision-making becomes much easier.

Are Bitcoin games legal?
While most states prohibit American casinos from accepting Bitcoin payments, there are no restrictions prohibiting residents from using Bitcoin at offshore internet casinos and sports betting sites. It all depends on where you stand about the rest of the world.

Is Bitcoin anonymous?
Bitcoin is not completely anonymous, as we highlighted in our introduction. It is more private than purchasing with a credit card or a bank account but not as private as a cash transaction. You do not need to input any personal information or authenticate your identity while sending Bitcoins, and there are ways for users to increase their anonymity.

There are many types of games?
Players can choose from a variety of games at various gambling establishments. If you are looking for a poker room, keep in mind that one operator may offer both casino games and sports betting, while another may only offer poker. When looking for a Bitcoin gambling site, it is important to know what kinds of games or wagers you will be able to place ahead of time. Many online casinos offer a wide range of games, such as poker, blackjack, and roulette.